Robert E. Seyfarth
architect  1878-1950
P1010131594spruceEChildscopy The Front Door
Harris House

Except at the front door, houses designed by Robert Seyfarth usually have little ornamentation, relying instead on the geometric massing and exterior materials of the house to suggest a historic style.

The front doors however, are almost always prominently marked with elegantly detailed ornamentation.

There are other architectural elements that are common features in a Seyfarth house. Among them are inset dormers that maintain both the lines of the roof and the wall plane of the room inside, screened porches built within the massing of the house, and large over-sized first floor windows that often reach from floor to ceiling. These can be seen in the photos in the previous galleries.

565 Washington
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Rodgers House
Varley House
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Aspley House
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